Other useful Half-Life mapping software

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A list of various other software that is useful for mapping for the Half-Life engine.

Half-Life map editors

QuArK (the Quake Army Knife)

An open-source map editor, which is still kept up to date and has many useful features. Also supports many different games on different engines.

Valve Hammer Editor (formerly WorldCraft)

The official map editor by Valve. The latest version of the Valve Hammer Editor version is version 3.5 beta (linked-to above) - there is also an older stable version 3.4.

This editor is no longer actively developed.

Other mapping software

GoldSrc Resources on TEMAPS

Forum with lots of software, some relatively recently updated.

Nem's tools

Many different tools useful for mapping. Includes Batch Compiler, GCFScape (lets you open Steam's .gcf files), and Terrain Generator (for making natural-looking terrain).

FragBait0's entity optimizer tool (OPT_ENTDATA)

Optimizes the entities in compiled maps, allowing you to include more entities and also reduce network traffic.

Download: version 1.1.1 (stable) version 1.1.2-dev (development version)

Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer (HLMV)

Allows you to view Half-Life 1 models, including their animations. This is an updated version of the original Half-Life Model Viewer.


A freeware texture editing program.

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