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Download the latest version of Zoner's Half-Life Tools

Please note that all files are provided with NO WARRANTY.

Most people will want the 32-bit version of ZHLT. If you don't know which one you need, download this one. Please note that, even if you have a 64-bit processor, you are most probably running 32-bit Windows. If you have a 64-bit processors, and are running Windows 64-bit, download the version for 64-bit processors.

Download ZHLT for Windows Microsoft Windows logo

VB runtime:

If you recive runtime errors, please download the Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Libraries Package:

Download ZHLT for other platforms Tux (Linux Mascot) logo

There is a mostly untested ZHLT package for GNU/Linux, UNIX and POSIX systems and *BSD available here.

Source code

ZHLT 3.4 final source code (source code archive).

Download older versions of ZHLT

Other versions from the ZHLT 3 series

The development thread of ZHLT 3 can be found here.

A subsequent development thread extending ZHLT 3.4 Final can be found here.

XP-Cagey's versions of the tools

The development thread of these old tools can be found here.

Merl's versions of the tools (known as MHLT)

The development thread for Merl's Half-Life Tools was previously hosted on the Valve ERC Collective site. However, this site sadly no longer exists.

Other useful mapping software

See this list of other useful mapping software for mapping for Half-Life, including map editors and other tools.

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